Ear Wax : Do we need it ? Does it have benefits?

This, boys

Here’s another object of personal hygiene.

It was invented much later, in the 1920s andI only know of one person, using it as a decorative accessory.

It is used, among other things, to clean ear wax.

So what is this sticky , shiny, gross secretionanyway? Earwax is made in the outer ear canal andthe fancy name for it, is CERUMEN.

It is primarily made up of fat, dead skincells and sweat and that is why it tastes a bit salty.

Once produced, ear wax slowly moves to theopening of the ear and either falls out or is removed when you wash.

So why does our body produce ear wax? Doesit have any advantages? Ear wax protects and moisturizes the ear canal,preventing dry, itchy ears.

It helps fight off infections that could damagethe ear canal.

It also acts as a shield, trapping dust, dirt,and other particles, so that they can’t travel any further.

Among humans, there are 2 main types of earwax.

The WET type which is brown and moist is likelyto be present in Africans and Europeans.

The DRY type which is gray and flaky is commonamong Asians and Native Americans.

More recent studies suspect that ear wax hasclues to a persons age, health and sex.

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Respect! Ear wax is not restricted to humans but alsoproduced in other mammals such as whales.

It builds up over time and is one of the waysused to determine a whales age.

So what do you do to get rid of earwax ? Well,you do NOTHING! In general if you have hair and wash it regularly,that should keep your ears clean.

Dont poke around the inside of your ear witha cotton swab, finger or any other object.

You may just end up with a perforated eardrumresulting in a loss of hearing.

So this brings us to the end of the session.

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