Why You Shouldn’t Use Q-Tips

– [Voiceover] You probablydon't think much about earwax until it falls on your shoulder or you pull it out with a Q-tip, but do not underestimateearwax's importance.

– [Voiceover] First off, earwax is acidic, which is great becausecold, dark and moist places are excellent places for fungi to grow.

– [Voiceover] Eww.

– [Voiceover] But, I know,the acid in your earwax actually keeps mold and many mushrooms away from your ears.

– [Voiceover] And get this,earwax is also comprised of fatty oil compounds madefrom skin bland secretions, which sounds gross, but it's gotta be oily to act as a lube which keeps you from having a terribleitch deep inside your ear that you could never scratch.

– [Voiceover] That's rightbuddy and you know what? Maybe most comforting of all, it keeps bugs out of your ears.

– [Voiceover] Mm-hmm.

– [Voiceover] That's right,bugs, especially spiders, love little holes to call their homes, so thank goodness for earwax because it actually does keep spiders out of your head.

– [Voiceover] And earwax is sticky which means it traps deadskin cells, hair, dust and it carries all thisstuff out of your ears.

No cotton swab necessary.

Earwax moves out on it's own.

Just the motion from your jaw from chewing and talking moves it outward.

Pretty cool.

– [Voiceover] That's right,so don't let your earwax make you eaaaritable.

– [Voiceover] That's really bad.

– [Voiceover] Are you ashamed? – [Voiceover] Hey, if you like this, you will dig Stuff YouShould Know, the podcast that we host and ourwhole episode on earwax.

– [Voiceover] That's right.

You can find them on iTunes every Tuesday and Thursday.

– [Voiceover] And atstuffyoushouldknow.

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Source: Youtube subtitles

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