How To Clean Ear Wax Out Of Your Ears and Hear Clearly Again

Woo hoo!! I can hear again! This is very, very odd.

I'm feeling a littlebit sick and dizzy and very loud, actually.

Because I've just followed Susie's instructions,which I'm going to play to you in a moment, from one of her little videos she sent me.

I've had really blocked up ears for severaldays now.

So bad I could hardly hear anything, and she sent me some instructions on how toclear them and I've just done it.

I was going to show you the great big blobsof wax that came out but I thought my sister might kill me for that.

So, I'm sparing youthe gory details but it works, IT WORKS! And it was easy, and I just went down to mychemist and asked for what she told me to get and uhh it cost me £1.

93 and yep, allfixed! And as you can see, I'm really ready for mydate today (blooming noisy motorbike goes past), I'm really ready for my date, NOT,I guess I'd better sort out.

look my hair's all wet from syringing my ears, I'd betterstick some makeup on and make myself look half presentable I suppose.

Well, makeup.

mascara, that's about as muchas I put on.

Anyway, see you later, bye (Susie's video starts)Hey Sarah, I'm driving to work on the right side of the road.

And driving Big Fish.

AndI'm giving you this message so I can tell you how to clean your ears out.

You want to get some hydrogen peroxide, 3%solution, and maybeeee, you might want to have help with this.

You need to put somedrops of it in your ear, you want to fill your ear canal up.

Lay there (on your side) for about 10 minutes and you're going to feel some thing, like crackling, it's going to break up the wax.

And then you need to take a syringe or somekind of spray bottle and do some half peroxide solution and half warm water in it.

And ifit's a spray bottle, you want to do some good sprays in there (your ear canal).

It's going to feel funny and maybe a littleuncomfortable but you want to spray, or inject water with the syringe and then it shouldcome out.

It's really gross.

Especially as it sounds like you're reallyclogged up, so it's going to be disgusting and you're going to get big chunks of waxout.

It's going to be disgusting but you'll be able to hear and you'll love me for it.

So I have another message but I'm going tosend it in a different email.

So, there you go.

Let me know if you haveany questions and I'll show you a little bit of my drive.

Click MORE below this video, to read the full instructions, step by step on how to clean ear wax out of your ears andhear clearly again.

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